Saniharto is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high-quality, fixed and free standing, bespoke furniture for the hotel and high-end residential market.

Working with leading interior designers in Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA, Saniharto has provided unique furniture, based on production quality and methodology, geared totally to bespoke manufactured products. At its very core, Saniharto is a company culture that focuses on the customer, supplying the very best for that customer via a sound sample procedure, a reliable production schedule and rapid management responses to the customer’s needs.

The company vision is to provide technical and production expertise to take customer’s desires and expectations and to surpass them.

Production Capability

Saniharto is a totally integrated production facility, with the capability in-house to process raw materials to finished products, all within our own manufacturing plant. 

Our factory site is more than 1.6 million sq. ft, with a covered area of 540,000 sq. ft. (50,000 m sq.). This facility accommodates every stage of the manufacturing process, from veneer slicing, drying, machining, milling, assembly, finishing and specialized packaging.


Saniharto is especially proud of its reputation for fine finishes.  Our finishes range from highly polished 90% gloss to lower gloss satin and “open-pore”.  Most commonly used finish is (PU) polyurethane, however, we can provide other finishes such as (NC) Nitro-Cellulose, (UV) ultra-Violet all machine or hand-finished to ensure that the finish quality is perfect.